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Findthose.com has launched a next generation online shopping portal and product comparison site.

At Findthose.com shop the world's most popular brands. Products include his and hers shoes, bags, apparel, jewellery, watches and cosmetics plus much more. Choose from over 3 million products hand selected from over 800 boutiques and retailers.

Findthose.com will help you find just what you will need.

•    Get the latest discount codes from over 800 retailers

•    all product feeds updated 3 times per day

•    filter products by price, colour, stores in your area, discounts available and even more.

•    Add what to your basket and draw your own personal look using our look builder canvas.

•    Inspire others by sharing and viewing submitted looks using our look finder service.

•    Share your image and magnificence with friends on Facebook, Pinterest, weheartit and email.

•    view products in greater detail to see similar and related things you might like.

•    Talk to the online personal shopper Adam, allow him to suggest and show you stuff you might like.

The combined search and image recognition in particular is going to be really useful;

Got several mins…Visit for yourself at http://www.findthose.com

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